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Group Hug

The mission of Liver Mommas & Families, Inc.  has always been focused on being there for families of pediatric liver disease patients.  In the hospital, families often need a hug from a friend who has walked that path before them. Our board recognizes this need, and we have created a program that will allow us to reach even more parents and caregivers while also supporting Child Life Programs within Transplant Center Hospitals.


As so many medical parents and caregivers know, Child Life provides such a meaningful service to our children during hospital stays and clinic visits and procedures and LMF wants to continue to support Child Life Programs and our liver community. That is why LMF has opened up our first round of LMF CARES Grants as of 4/1/2023.  These grants are intended to provide Comfort, Awareness, and Resources for Emotional Support through Child Life departments at transplant centers across the country. 


This year, LMF plans to award ten grants to ten different Child Life Programs as a way to reach more families on their pediatric liver journey. There is no deadline for this application. Ten applications will be selected over the course of 2023.  Applicants are encouraged to apply early to ensure the best chances of being selected.  

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