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Meet Our Partner: CareAline

CareAline wraps and sleeves were innovated by cancer fighter and mama, Kezia in 2011 for her daughter Saoirse. Saoirse was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of eleven months not long after Kezia’s Hodgkin's Lymphoma treatment began. Saoirse’s PICC line was placed for treatment but to Saoirse, that was not a line with direct blood access but a teether and a toy. Later, when a central line was placed, the same issues- pulling, chewing, dragging, catching, and this time the line fell into her diaper- another infection waiting to happen. The hospital offered solutions such as tape which caused Saoirse’s skin to break down and irritating stockinette. This was not going to work so, a problem solver by nature, Kezia sat down at her sewing machine to develop a solution. The lines needed to be secured, off the skin, safe to use in scans and out of sight so she could play freely without the restriction of her line. The sleeve was placed on Saoirse and this is exactly what happened. Kezia was able to shift focus back to Saoirse’s treatment and well being. Soon after, the wrap was developed for central lines and the realization set in that they were not the only family struggling to manage their lines. Kezia and Saoirse were only 2 of 150,000,000 lines placed that year for treatment of illness.

CareAline sleeves and wraps were brought to market in 2013 and are currently the standard of care in just under 40 hospitals nationwide and growing including Boston Children’s where Saoirse was treated. They’ve been through clinical trials and proved to prevent line breaks, accidental removal, infection, and skin issues like pressure ulcers and medical adhesive related skin injury which can lead to issues such as sepsis, treatment delays, extra antibiotic use, unplanned readmissions, and increased mortality. Collaboration with her vast network of chronic illness fighters and clinicians is ongoing and the products are in a constant state of adaptation to new guidelines and feedback. Kezia continues to work on projects that will provide safety and security to live life fully not just for herself

and her family but for others as well.


You can purchase CareALine's innovative products at Use code: LMF at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase and CareAline will donate $2 to Liver Mommas & Families!


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